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Disruptive technologies leading the call for sustainable solutions in garment making processes

By Carmen Silla, Marketing Director, Jeanologia, 05 May 2022


The textile industry has made great strides in recent years in the quest for a more sustainable future. Laser technology has made it possible to eliminate manual and polluting processes that are harmful to the health of workers, achieving sustainable production scalable in denim industry and obtaining authentic replication of vintage looks.


The development of ozone technologies to treat garments and give them the real look of outdoor usage in a zero-discharge process, achieving significant savings of water and chemicals, has been another industry milestone. So has been nanobubble-based technology of air that act as a carrier to transmit chemicals into a garment with a minimal quantity of water and zero discharge.


From design to production, the positive impact of the disruptive technologies has the potential of bringing textile industry into a new era. One where old polluting processes are replaced with technological ones, saving water and chemicals without increasing the cost of the product, without sacrificing the authenticity of the garment and reducing processing times taking care of workers health.


Today, we do not have to sacrifice product design or aesthetics to be green. We can make a beautiful and authentic product sustainably and even cost saving. Because what matters is not only the product itself, but also the way it is made. That is part of the DNA of the product. Now, there are no excuses. Producing fully sustainable garment is possible.


But the industry still has deficiencies and continues to use archaic and polluting production methods. For this reason, it is necessary to promote new operating models based on digitalization, sustainability, automation and cost reduction. Thanks to the automation, is it possible to make sustainable production scalable, and we have shown it with our last development Handman, a revolutionary laser technology with robots to achieve clean and totally scalable production, at reduced costs, greater agility and better production look. Handman is also a key player in LAUNDRY 5. ZERO, the first garment finishing plant that combines disruptive technologies to guarantees zero pollution and achieves water savings of 85%.


At Jeanologia we are committed to a new sustainable operating model for advanced digital and automated production, bringing five key advantages to the textile industry: being eco-efficient, scalable, agile, digital and cost-neutral: connecting designers, producers and consumers. These should be the values of disruptive technologies for the textile industry.


It is necessary to accelerate the transformation of denim industry focusing on agility, customer centricity, speed, productivity, and eco-efficiency, involving the market in this giant leap.


ITMA 2023 will be the main stage to showcase all the disruptive technologies that are transforming the textile industry. Jeanologia will be present to showcase all its technological advances to accompany the industry to the next level.

Carmen silla

Carmen Silla, Marketing Director, Jeanologia


About Jeanologia


Since 1994 Jeanologia’s mission has been to create an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient industry through their disruptive technology and know-how. Their laser, G2 ozone, e-flow, Smart Boxes, Colorbox and H2Zero, have revolutionized the textile industry. They offer infinite design and garment finishing possibilities, while saving water, energy, and chemicals, eliminating discharge and toxic emissions.

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