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Worldwide challenges call for an increased automation process in home textiles production

By Christian Moore, CEO, ACG Kinna Automatic, 19 Sep 2022


It has become evident over the past few years that a higher level of automation across the entire textile and apparel supply chain is the key to higher efficiency, productivity and performance.


What we’re seeing now, especially in Western Europe and the USA, is the emergence of a push to bring back production to local factories which are closer to the consumer, eliminating many of the transportation costs which have rocketed recently, and can produce on demand. Everything is now about digitalisation and automation.


There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to automation. The approach is always to carefully examine how a company is currently manufacturing a specific product and the equipment involved, and to establish where automation will make the biggest difference.


A focus is on identifying and eliminating bottlenecks which will increase product flows, as well as adding or replacing machinery to meet higher demand in the future. It is also important to consider how to eliminate or reduce errors in handling and lower the costs for maintenance and service.


Individual solutions


ACG Kinna Automatic is well placed to assist the home textile industry to transition to automation. We specialise in automation solutions for filled products such as quilts, pillows and mattresses and also have extensive knowledge in areas such as bed linen and textile filters.


We supply completely integrated processing lines (fibre, sewing, folding, packaging) in addition to stand-alone machines, carefully tested to ensure short start-up times and problem-free production from Day One.


Robotic filling


At the last ITMA in Barcelona in 2019, we provided live demonstrations of our robotic pillow filling system which has the ability to fill and finish some 3,840 pillows per eight-hour shift. This is a considerable improvement on what is possible with either manual or semi-automatic systems, resulting in significant savings in both labour and energy for busy home textile businesses.


This technology is based on two robotic arms which have been specially modified by ACG Kinna with advanced gripping tools and seaming and labelling devices. The pillows are automatically sealed with either single or double lockstitch seams and labels can be attached without interrupting the flow of the system.


There has been much talk about the potential of Industry 4.0 enabled by advanced software. The use of robotics is now standard across many industries dealing in solid goods, but the handling of soft materials such as textiles is a little more complex. Nevertheless, our system is proving highly beneficial to its users. Automation always makes sense when an operation currently relies on repetitive manual tasks.




Partnerships are very important to us, and for the robotic pillow filling system we acquired a specialist company in filling systems: NOWO, and also teamed up with carding supplier CCS (Card Clothing and Services) USA, for the provision of completely automated lines, under the motto: ‘Complete Process’.


ACG Kinna Automatic has been a member of the ACG Group since 2013, and benefits from synergies with other internal group companies.

Andre Wissenberg

Christian Moore, CEO, ACG Kinna Automatic


About ACG Kinna Automatic


ACG Kinna Automatic is a specialist in automation solutions for filled products such as quilts, pillows and mattresses and also has extensive knowledge in areas such as bed linen and textile filters. A member of the ACG Group since 2013, all of its design, manufacturing and final line testing is still carried out in Sweden.

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