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08   14

June 2023

Fiera Milano RHOMilan . Italy

The Innovation Showcase

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Closing the loop at the international level


How will today’s new technologies shape the textile industry of tomorrow and are we truly on the cusp of major change? This was the theme explored during the ITMAconnect Automation and Digital Future webinar, first broadcasted on 29 February 2024 and now available on ITMAconnect.com for subscribers.


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Harnessing nature’s sustainable options


The major importance of biosourced materials to the sustainable future of the global textile industry was the subject of an illuminating Innovator Xchange webinar that can be viewed on ITMAconnect.com.


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Disruption in dyeing and finishing


Some of the most innovative technologies showcased at ITMA 2023 in Milan were to be found in the area of the dyeing and finishing of textiles, where huge savings in dyestuffs and finishing chemicals, energy and water, are now possible.


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220 years of textile machinery automation


In 1804, Joseph-Marie Jacquard introduced the first weaving loom automatically controlled by perforated cards. The elaborate patterns that were stored on them in ones and zeros – the first ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ – proved highly influential in the development of binary computer programming and all that has followed. And 220 years later automation is still accelerating in many areas of the textile machinery industry.


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Advanced materials – from digital design to replacing steel


In today's fast-moving textile industry, the technologies enabling the creation of advanced materials are allowing greater control for

designers through digitalisation, enabling more recycled content to be accommodated in fabrics and making enhanced performance properties for demanding applications possible.


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Luxury on the body and underfoot too


Machinery for long fibres and heat setting processes are crucial in enabling yarns to be more successfully woven or tufted.


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Doing much more digitally


Mass customisation, direct-to-consumer sales models, drastically reduced delivery times, sustainable production and the strong

influence of social media on buying decisions are all contributing to the continued rise of digital printing.


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Sophisticated software driving textile manufacturing transformation


Fully integrated technologies with up-to-the-minute automated features for the end-to-end production.


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Denim is cleaning up its act


Differentiation is the key in the highly competitive denim industry.


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