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08   14

June 2023

Fiera Milano RHOMilan . Italy

ITMA Start-Up Valley

Transformation Starts with Innovation


Start-Up Valley, a new initiative by CEMATEX, spotlights companies in its early stages of development with new and game changing solutions and technologies to support and inspire innovation for the textile, garment and fashion industry.


Transformation is more critical than ever and ITMA 2023 features 16 outstanding start-ups on the largest global stage in the textile industry, curated by a panel of industry experts. Discover how these latest disruptive innovations create a new market and value network and together we drive the industry forward to a more digitalised and sustainable future.


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ITMA 2023 Start-Up Valley
Successful Applicants

Apparel 4.0 Technologies Pvt Ltd

Digitalisation of Apparel Sewing

Intelligent Skill Mapping and Rating Technology (i-SMART) creates digital twin of sewing machine worker. Same Day Spare Part (SDSP) platform offers 3D printed machine parts at the point of consumption.


Natural Textile Dyes

MERDAN® Natural Textile Dyes are made from plants and vegetables which are environmentally sustainable, and can be used for natural and synthetic fibres. The organic waste from producing MERDAN® dyes are used in animal food industries.


Sustainable Yarn Colouration

COLOURizdTM is an industrial technology to colour cellulosic yarn. COLOURizdTM allows for zero discharge, reduces water by 98%, energy by 50%, carbon footprint by 73%, and infrastructure needs, while colouring beautiful and quality yarns.

dimpora AG

Unique Technology, 100% Fluorine-free, High-performing membranes

100% fluorine-free, high-performance and highly versatile membranes aimed at the outdoor wear industry. A fully biodegradable option is under development.

Haelixa AG

Creating Transparency Through Traceability

Haelixa offers proprietary and innovative solutions that mark products with DNA to verify them along the supply chain through systematic sampling and testing.


Efficient Hemp Fibre Processing Machinery

Hemp-Act revolutionises the hemp textile value chain with advanced long fibres decortication machinery, allowing for rapid scaling of hemp textile production as hemp is a sustainable and natural fibre.


AI Print Design Generator

AI-based design software, transforming the way of printing pattern design and digitising the design process by 70% from the early inspiration stage to final stage in the circular planet positive model that reduces water, energy and cotton usage.

Nano-Dye Technologies LLC

Disruptive Sustainable Cotton and Poly/Cotton Dyeing

Nano-Dye Technologies’ Knits Cationic Dyeing completed it's 2 year pilot stage, now launching globally! We are now circular, recycling water and waste, 75% energy/GHG reduction, eliminating salt and sludge.


The Circular Textile Fibre

Born from bio-renewable materials, NOOSA® fibre is 100% recyclable, helping the textile industry to reduce waste at pre and post-consumer levels.

PaperTale Technologies AB

Textile Value Chain Sustainability Tracker

PaperTale blockchain technology provides traceability of consumer goods in a radically transparent manner, offering science-based impacts to consumers, brands and factories.

sewts GmbH

AI Textile Handling and Manufacturing Technology

Sewts develops artificial intelligence and computer vision software for robots to automate processes that require human inputs. Automation of labour-intensive procedures heightens the profitability of textile service providers and manufacturers by reducing labour costs while providing outstanding reliability.


Cloud-based Platform Streamlining Garment Production

Tailr delivers a unique combination of sizing and production features including tech pack generation, quality control and ease of integration. It can help brands raise revenue by reducing costs in sizing inconsistencies.

TreetoTextile AB

Sustainable, Cost Efficient, Versatile Bio-based Cellulosic Fibre Technology

Tree to Textile has developed a unique fiber technology that can enhance or replace cotton, viscose and polyester, with more sustainable fibers, originating from biobased and traceable resources.

Weffan Ltd

3D Woven Clothing for a Zero-Waste Future

Weffan 3D weaves the garment shape while weaving the fabric by merging textile production and garment manufacturing into one step. Weffan’s 3D woven production method reduces production steps, time, and waste using existing scalable infrastructure.

Xiphoo GmbH

Unique End-to-end Brand Protection Solution

MERDAN® With its unique and open services platform, Xiphoo brings the Digital Product Passport to life. We assist manufacturers and brands with scaling sustainability services, managing certificates, protecting their brands, and complying with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. This innovative platform creates a completely new channel for connecting suppliers with brands and end users.


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CEMATEX is excited to launch the Start-Up Valley initiative to attract innovative young companies to ITMA 2023. As the largest textile technology exhibition attracting leading textile and garment manufacturers from around the world, ITMA offers start-ups a useful platform to put their innovations in front of a global audience, to find investors and collaborators and to leverage industry connections and professional networks.

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