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June 2023

Fiera Milano RHOMilan . Italy




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Launch of the EU Textile Strategy 2030 and Its Business Impact Masterclass




Watch out for this 4-part Masterclass, developed with the European Commission. The Masterclass will be launched with a live webinar on 16 May 2024, at 10am CEST where special guests from the European Commission, Ms Marie-Helene Pradines and Ms Karolina D'Cunha and the rapporteur from the European Parliament, Ms Alessandra Moser, will share their insights on how this strategy will be a game-changer for the industry, creating opportunities, driving growth.


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Innovator Xchange Virtual Edition


Immerse yourself in a dynamic exploration of groundbreaking innovations, emerging trends and valuable insights at the Innovator Xchange Virtual Edition. This series of 5 webinars will cover topics on advanced materials, automation and digital future, innovative technologies, sustainability and circularity, and impact financing for sustainable transformation.

New Content

Impact Financing: Sustainability and Finance in the World of Textiles


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Other sessions from the series

Advanced Materials

The Potential of Biosourced Materials for Innovative and Sustainable Applications


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Automation and Digital Future

Increasing Efficiency in Textile Manufacturing


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Innovative Technologies

Revolutionising Textile Manufacturing: AI, Machine Learning and Sustainability


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Sustainability and Circularity

Navigating the Complexities of Combined Materials Recycling


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Innovator Xchange Virtual Edition - Advanced Materials

featuring Auckland Regional Centre, Innovation in Textiles, and The Woolmark Company


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Revisiting ITMA 2023 - The Start-Ups’ Perspectives

featuring sewts, TreeToTextile and Weffan


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How the EU Textile Strategy Will Impact Competitiveness and Value Chains in the Global Textile Industry

by Dirk Vantyghem, European Apparel and Textile Confederation (EURATEX)


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As the go-to knowledge hub for the global textile community, expect a plethora of events organised by ITMA, partners and exhibitors. From live-streaming, community forums and showcases by technology manufacturers and IP owners, there’s something for everyone, all year round.


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We have taken part in many ITMA exhibitions and there are so many customers to attend to. With the ITMAconnect business matching tool, we can start reaching out to our potential customers even before ITMA 2023. This will enable us to be more productive when we are onsite. In addition, we can continue our conversations even after the exhibition, as well as contact prospects whom we are unable to meet onsite.

As an online platform, ITMAconnect offers us even more value to our participation at ITMA 2023 as we can establish a brand presence all year round. It’s a useful platform for us to discover, target and reach out to more buyers, pre and post exhibition. I am looking forward to getting a head start in reaching out to our customers before meeting them onsite.

It is great to learn that with ITMAconnect, we can now get in touch with ITMA 2023 exhibitors conveniently through the platform even before the exhibition. This will help our members plan their visits better since ITMA is such a big show and there are many innovative technologies to explore.


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