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June 2023

Fiera Milano RHOMilan . Italy

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Circular Systems: Collaboration + Action = Trials

Chemicals and colourants: Towards a resource efficient future


The roadmaps to tomorrow's garment industry

It's time for positive action for Europe's fibres industry

The transition from analog to digital is underway

Solid support for grassroots innovation

Three keys to unlocking sustainability performance and future proofing your business 

Simplicity is the key to success in composites

Nonwoven fabrics – often invisible, just as often crucial

ITMA 2023 and the twin revolutions transforming the world of textiles

New beginnings in a post-pandemic world

Tomorrow, let's let the sensors and robots do the work

Early adopter brands see the benefits of digital developments

Newsflashes for Saint Joan’s Day

From sixty litres to five millilitres with sustainable Industry 4.0

Nonwovens go from strength to strength

ITMA 2019 is open for sustainable innovation

This time it's all about the data

Textile industry looks to growth in composites

Seamless opportunities

Carbon has the glamour, glass has the lion’s share

Crucial roles for carbon composites

The evolution of embroidery

After denim's transformation: Digital differentiation

Sensing smart opportunities in fabrics

Simply connect – The ITMA Innovation Lab

All-in-one solution for when time is of the essence

Technical textiles on the move

A new benchmark for dyes and chemicals

Artificial intelligence operative

Recycling 4.0 - the key to a circular economy?

Graphene benefits for textiles and composites

Fabric innovations - from new cottons to living cells

Digital from design to delivery

Connecting the new dots

Towering achievements with 3D textiles

Smart industry is the move forward

From Flanders Flax to Industry 4.0

Planning for a new digital world

Working with customers closely on tailor-made solutions

Potential bursting at the seams

BTMA: Bonds with the EU that go beyond Brexit

Driving progress throughout the textile chain through partnerships

Automation takes precedence in sewing sector

Engineering for a better future

Industry 4.0 at ITMA 2019

ITMA 2023 Launch Video

Transforming the World of Textiles.

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